Genre: Musical, romance, comedy, drama

Director: Damien Chazelle

Year: 2016

Rating: 8,8 imdb

Have you ever watched a film where you can’t help but put a smile on your face while watching it? If you haven’t I’ll bet La La Land will. Following his succes with Whiplash, Damien Chazelle blows people’s minds by daringly reviving original musical to the big screen. Not just reviving it but setting the bar to whole new heights.

Though the film may not be enjoyable to everyone, I enjoyed it very much. Truthfully I’ve never been this amazed by a film ever. At a certain point I might have feared that the film won’t suffice my expectations for I’ve been really hyped about this film for a pretty long time, but I was wrong, this film exceeds my expectations and I feel it didn’t get the hype it deserves .

Emma Stone an actress in the making and Ryan Gosling a dedicated jazz musician found themselves pounded at the where city dreams are crushed. Finding love the two find reason for holding on to their dreams, but also find that these dreams are what’s hindering between their love. Though it lacked in story originality Damien Chazelle made it so uniquely that make you feel it’s originality.

I’d say Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling gave their best perfomance ever, while displaying their whole arsenal of talents with tip top acting, dancing, and singing. Honestly I have never been impressed with Gosling’s performance in his previous films for I find it mediocre, boy am I proven wrong. Having been working together in Crazy Stupid, Love and Gangster Squad the chemistry between the both of them bloom like a flower, call me cheesy but it’s true.

Justin Hurwitz the mastermind behind the beautiful original soundtrack of this film have successfully make viewers fell in love, and probably not moving on for the next week. The songs are just right, where just listening can make your emotions relive this beautiful film. Not just Hurwitz, creds go to our two stars Stone and Gosling with their mesmerizing performance.

From what I’ve read Emma Watson and Miles Teller were first casted for the film, some way or another things didn’t work out and they got cut. Though from what I know Emma Watson turn the offer down for his part in Beauty and The Beast, which I’m really really looking forward to see. That said right now I can’t really imagine this film being played by anyone but Stone and Gosling.