My last trip to Belitung was a really nice trip, but like every trip no matter how fun, there always are downsides.

I went to a certain museum on my trip and historically it’s a really interesting place. While exploring the museum I found out that they have some kind of mini-zoo in their backyard, I’m no animal expert but I do love animals and I find well mantained zoos with great animal care shows how beautiful interspecies interaction can be.

Excitement turn to sympathy as I watched some colony animals live alone inside small dirty enclosures. I don’t know about their animal care, because while seeing healthy looking owl and eagles I also saw a crane with a broken beak, a lone pelican with no water, and a turtle placed inside a crocodile’s enclosure.

Not long prior I came across an article about a polar bear in an aquarium in China who never get to see the light of day. These animals have one thing in common; tortured for human’s strive for power, how is that any different from illegal hunting and poaching? Nasty poachers killing for money. Things like these make me wonder do superior intellegence really what made us more humane.

Talk about hunted animals, first thought that came to my mind are tigers. You know, here in Indonesia we used to have three subspecies of tigers which is terminated to only one, the Sumatran Tiger (now critically endangered). Hunting, land expansion, generally a strive for power is what lead to these tigers’ demise.

Superior yes we are, but do you really think this earth belongs to us? No, we’re renting this planet and we’re sharing it with many others. As beings we all have same living rights.

Extinction may be part of nature, and an extinction of one species due to their natural predator is really natural. While considering we are part of nature it might be acceptable, but how does this make us any different than the ones we consider inferior species? And think about it, can your conscience really take it? The thought of slaughtering one species/race for mere pride or profit? 

Perhaps the next time you see a tiger or any of some sort, you should think, is it you or him that should be afraid.

I may not be able to reach the actors of this thoughtless crime, but awareness always helps. For if awareness and believe towards positivity appears even if it’s just in one single human mind, it sparks a change in human mentality as a whole.