Dear Anne,

The world is changing for the better since you’re away, at least that’s what I wish I could tell you. I’m not one to talk, for I wouldn’t have the slightest idea of the harsh stuff you have been through, and I’m not one who experienced first hand the feeling of being discriminated or hated, but although the war is over shit is still wide-spread. I’m sorry for using that word, but Anne, there’s no better way to describe it. Clash of ideals are everywhere, and although that’s only natural and at times fine, it would be if people should sort it out in a healthy way.

Discrimination regarding faith came from both ways. Men of faith are over sensitive and self-righteous and the opposing think highly of themselves and look down on the other. To be fair though, good people are still easy to find, and people of respect are very much around, but “shortheads” are not uncommon either.

There are so many things going on everywhere; war at certain areas, clash of egos and whatnot, but worst of all is the spreading of fake news. It’s really bad Anne, these news causes a lot of commotion and conflicts, although they have barely enough or at times even no evidence at all, people are easily are still very easily influenced by them. Since it’s mostly on regard of politics, I’ve come to dread these quests for power.

Sometimes I feel like we’re living in a timebomb, and are just waiting for chaos to explode. But all is good Anne, I truly believe that people are good at heart, and we all strive for unity, we’re just currently working things out. Like you said “in spite of everything, people are still good at heart”, and although those “shortheads” I mentioned earlier are irritating, one should not judge and always try to see the good in others.

Yours, Kitty.