Genre: Sci-fi, Action, Fantasy

Director & Writer: Rian Johnson

Year: 2017

Rating: 93%(Rotten Tomatoes) 7,8 (IMDb)

Major spoiler heads up, for those who haven’t watched the movie

I’ve always enjoyed Star Wars. I find the lore interesting, and George Lucas’ imagination plain awesome. That being said I don’t blindly enjoy a movie just cause I love the writer or the base of the story (because honestly I’m not a fan of the Star Wars prequels), so for The Last Jedi…. I so much enjoyed it.

The amount of hate towards this movie is amusing, but I really I can’t understand it. I speculate it’s because of how different it is from the previous episodes… Well speculating won’t help, so I’ll just share what I think watching the movie.

The “lightness” of the movie is something to distinguish. Compared to it’s predecessors I think this movie has the lightest sensation. Aside of the amount of jokes that I think is a little too much (some are brilliant tho), I have no problem for it being light. Although overally it has a light aura the dark scenes are also well executed.

The story; it’s a simple story of cat and mouse between The First Order and The Resistance, inside this big plot is the characters having their own struggles and the struggles in each characters is what I find really interesting and really enjoyed.

Especially the internal self struggles, how Luke had regret in his failure of being a jedi master. Watching this, we/I expected Luke be this wise man who has been and seen it all, he’s the answer to all the hardships thay have gone through. He (at first) rejecting Rey as an apprentice is not unexpected, but he himself still has to develop. Some might disagree with me on this but Luke’s development in the movie is great. They say that Luke out of character in this movie. He is definitely not the same Luke that was on the original 3 movies, but this change is not something new. Yoda too is different if you compare him in the original and the prequels. I think their “change” is pretty similar.
My favorite is with what they did with Kylo Ren. He has become one of my favorite characters in the Star Wars Universe. His character development is really well told, and Adam Driver did a really good job of protraying him. His internal struggle is really shown. You can see how his “cold-blooded” kill of Han Solo was nevet really cold-blooded, how bad it destroyed him. The struggle went through, and how he concluded it. I think what Kylo Ren “chose to be” at the end could not have been better written. 

I am really satisfied with what he turned out to be, cause at that moment when he killed Snoke and fought together with Rey, I was at the edge of my seat! It’s still not certain of what will happen with Kylo Ren, is he really turning to the good? Then he declared power independence, he doesn’t answer to no one (I realised that if he was really turn to be a good guy it would suck, and the story would pretty much end)! That’s great orgasm right there… what a conclusion…. Or a start.


The expansion of what the force can do is a really bold move by Rian Johnson. I personally neither hates it or liked it, I’m just fine with it. Although I reckoned some or most from the Star Wars fanbase hated.

To conclude this; Star Wars: The Last Jedi is a movie that I really enjoy. I liked it, the actors and actresses did great, and…. I miss Han Solo.