Overly critical,

None would deny these are the ingredients for a pandemonium. A gunfight of ideas and opinions. Which creates sides, that MIGHT split a community or in this case a country apart.

Honestly, things like these are really inevitable. We’re people with different colors, different origins, orientations, views, religions, cultures, etc. Being arguably the country with the richest and most diverse culture; are bisecting opinions and ideas should come with a surprise?

These are what made “us” “we”. Putting differences aside we Indonesians are really a prideful bunch. Every single time one of our own made it to the international stage, there’s this huge amount of support and admiration flowing to them. And we’re not shy to show it, seen it on popular medias; if there’s a post containing something that’s Indonesian, there will definitely be a lot of Indonesians in the comments section. Not all comments may be positive, but still that shows how much we care for our country, and how proud we are being Indonesian.

Whatever the situation, we are still standing as one as pusaka abadi nan jaya.