Genre: Animation, Drama, War
Director: Isao Takahata

Writer: Akiyuki Nosaka

Year: 1988

Rating: 8,5 IMDb

Being a Studio Ghibli fan I definitely have heard of Grave of the Fireflies having said that I haven’t really got the chance to watch it, until last night.


A couple of weeks prior my brother got a head start and watched the film. I asked him how was the film, he gave a smile of satisfaction which means it’s a really great film, but he hesitated when I asked him to watch it a again with me.

Now I know why…


So I watched the film last night (with my brother), and I got to say; this film fucked me up. It depicts a really sad part of a war, in this case WWII.


Starting the film with Seita’s …… :”(

Flashes a story about Seita and Setsuko; two siblings growing up in the times of war. Being a naval officer their father have to leave to serve the country; Seita as the oldest son must look after his 4 year-old sister (Setsuko) and his sick mother. 

Losing their mother in a bombing which burned their entire town. Seita and Setsuko are forced to live with her auntie. There starts their struggle against the people in the times of war. Don’t want to spoil much more so I’ll just describe the rest as beautiful, soul enlightening, yet heart stabbing, and tear squeezing.


The beautiful depiction of Seita as a reliable older brother with such great love to his little Sister Setsuko; a trusting little sister devoted to his brother to her last breath….:”( Two really great character that one can’t help but love.

I always have high expectations for ghibli films, but this exceeds my expectations. It is executed so beautifully that the sadness just seeped into your mind and soul. I had a hard time sleeping last night from the thought of it. The fact that it is based on true events, there are definitely kids like Setsuko and Seita out there back at WWII or in other wars right now, which I heard that the writer Akiyuki Nosaka had the same experience with similar circumstances.

So please, STOP WAR, fuck your ego it’s just unfair for innocent children out there.