Genius, strong word that is. For most the first thought that came from the word would probably be Albert Einstein, or maybe Isaac Newton, perhaps Nikola Tesla. Inarguably those people are definite geniuses, but is the essence of the word really that narrow?

Is to be a genius, is to invent?

Is to be a genius, to know it all?

Is being very inteligent, is what it takes to be a genius?

At some point those points are true to me.

But then I found new geniuses on a more modern era, and on a more modern subject. Now my first thought of genius is John Lennon. 

Perhaps none will disagree with me when I say John Lennon is a genius. But how is he a genius really? 

Because he made great songs? 

Hell no! It’s his eye on the world, or his mindset towards the world. His unique way of thinking and seeing the world is what makes him special; a genius. Well yeah, we see a lot of eccentric people here and there who may think and see the world differently, but that’s where the difference lies. They only think and see differently. While John expresses his way of thinking into lyrics and music; something that human society could accept, or in his case admire.

People like John Lennon, Noel Gallagher, Damien Chazelle, and Jules Verne are not different than Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, nor Stephen Hawking. They’re all thinkers expressing their thoughts, imagination, observation, through mediums in which they’re superior at. 

And with their unorthodox way of thinking they were able to inspire, influence, and revolusionise some if not all of humanity.