The 89th Academy awards was really a spectacle (in my opinion). The fact that 2016 is loaded with great films that are truly captivating, and the performances of the actors and actresses were not less jaw-dropping.

What I see on this oscars is a competition between rising new stars, veteran experienced artists, and rebounding ‘unfortunate’ actors and actresses.

The ‘film to beat’ and the favorite film to win it all was La La Land, critics might disagree but as a conventional film fan I think I can speak on behalf of fans like me that La La Land is the favorite in any nomination it’s in (except for Ryan Gosling’s best actor nomination, for the other nominees’ performance are just other worldly. Sorry Ryan…). But La La Land lost two of it’s first anounced nominations; sound mixing and film editing, and the winner of both of these categories is Hacksaw Ridge. As minor as we think these awards may be, I think these play on sound and film plays a major part in to how much a film is enjoyable.

So Hacksaw Ridge just won two academy awards, I’m imagining how thrilled director Mel Gibson must be. The amazing long time action-film actor Mel Gibson who has somewhat ‘fallen’ in the film industry has rebounded in the seat of the director. Here’s where I find real interest, the moment hey were announcing the winner for The Best Director category every nominee’s face was shot in small panels, and I could see Mel Gibson’s hope or anticipation in making his return official by receiving the award. Unfortunately he lost to the young genius Damien Chazelle of La La Land, and Mel didn’t save the trouble of hiding his disappointment by throwing his face the other way as the winner was announced. Tough luck Mel, but who’s to blame? Damien is just that good.

Other than the already infamous Moonlight/La La Land incident what kinda shoved me is the Best Actor category winner. In this category the favorite was the maestro Denzel Washington in his Fences, though I personally wanted Andrew Garfield to win for I find him as a somewhat unfortunate actor since the failure of The Amazing Spider-man franchise. But damn, Casey Affleck won. I won’t say I’m surprised, cause I’m not. Not having the pleasure to have watched Manchester by the Sea, I anticipated him winning after seeing the short scene that was featured when they were announcing the nominees. And like I said before just seeing from that short scene his performance was ‘other worldly’. Well, that adds another film in my bucket-list and I’m putting it right on the top.