Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Family, Mystery

Director: Byron Howard, Rich Moore

Year: 2016

Rating: 8,1 IMDb

Last week I watched live the anouncement of the Oscar nominees. Gritting my teeth I was really nervous the moment the anounced the nominees for the best animated feature for I really want Your Name/Kimi No Na Wa to be nominated. Well, putting my disappointment aside as I expected there’s Zootopia nominated as may be a top contender.

That being said, at that moment I haven’t watched Zootopia. Some of my friends say it’s good and some say “it’s okay”, but none are amazed by the film. Following my disappointment of Your Name not making the nominations, I became skeptical about Zootopia but at the same time curious.

Few days later Zootopia aired on one of my television channel, and boy are my eyes opened.


Join Nick Wilde and Lt. Judy Hopps as they strive in a metropolis named Zootopia. A place where all are welcome, where predators and prey live together in harmony. 

With reports of missing animals and predators going wild Lt. Judy Hopps took the case without the Chief’s agreement, being in a pinch Judy came to con artist Nick Wilde for help to get insights to the world of outlaws.

Here’s the thing about Disney, they never disappoint(well most of the time). I personally have really high hopes about this film considering everything I’ve heard about it, but story-wise I find it not really outstanding, and the storytelling is.., well, not exactly what I’d call fresh.

The thing that I find really amazing/outstanding is what’s behind the story; the message, the concept. Behind the beautiful, cheerful, happy, colorful theme that kids love it has a really progressive and deep message about racism.

Especially at these times Zootopia is a really “heart knocking”, eye-opening film.


It really shows how the predator in which is the race of minority are being seen as savages, because one or two incidents involving them. 

This isn’t some small time life lesson about love, family, hope, etc. It’s a reflection of a true and harsh world problem. It shows how we will be able to live in a more beautiful world if we could accept our differences.

It’s really no surprise if Zootopia wins an oscar.