Does age really matter?

Just watched Roger Federer(35) came out of his injury and score his 18th Grand Slam win. He played against Rafael Nadal (30) in the finals, in who I wouldn’t call “spring chicken” either.

At the Rio Olympics I watched USA representative Anthony Ervin (35) win gold in a full body performance sport; swimming. Hell, the most decorated athlete of the Rio Olympics is el leyenda Michael Phelps also from swimming.

While on it I also saw Mixed Martial Arts legend Bj Penn (40) got beat in his supposedly comeback bout against Yair Rodriguez (24).

So, is age a variable of matter?


So how did these athletes win when competing with younger individuals?

What I see is when the body may weaken with age, for some their mental strength grew a lot stronger. Calm, sincere, yet tenacious. That kind of passion can only be found in an athlete who knows what it’s like to have fallen from thw heavens.

I actually feel weird writing this, as I am just a 19 year old writer (and athlete, just so you know), but well, got to express what’s in my head.