Like every word “nostalgia” can be seen postively and negatively.
Being a feeling of ones desire to “come back” to a certain time of ones life, I consider this feeling really strong.

We saw in the film Inside Out (for those who have watched) each emotion/feeling can be positive or negative depending on the situation; like how sadness can influence positivity in certain moments or joy can cause disaster in other moments, nostalgia’s no different.

Though I find it odd. That mix of joy and sorrow is really something that I can’t grasp. A craving that just simply can’t be satisfied, and only fades with time.

Some say too much nostalgia is not good. I have to say I do find guilt in feeling nostalgia, but I don’t find it harmful. What I find every the feeling came is a thought, a reminder of where I came from; of why I’m here.

Reasons to strive, sacrifices that were made. I find looking back as a booster to look forward. To find out who you were and who you’ve become.

Be it a song, a film, a photograph, or anything that reminds you of a time that lies strong with you, might want to try and let that feeling rush. For those bonds that you create there are the bricks that builds you. The you now and the you in the future.