Genre: Animation, Drama, Romance, Biography, War Film

Director: Hayao Miyazaki

Year: 2013

Rating: 7,8 (imdb)

While the genre says “romance”, this film tells more than just a love story. Being the final work of the legendary animator Hayao Miyazaki, I certainly feel a lot of emotions were invested on making it for I can’t help investing mine while watching it.


Miyazaki, known for jumping straight to the storyboard with no script before, the story flows so naturally.

The Wind Rises tells you the story of a young flight engineer named Jiro Horikoshi on his way in changing Japan from being left behind to being a pioneer in engineering. But isn’t this a romance film? This is where Miyazaki’s genius works in the form of Nahoko. 

I’m not going to spoil that much of the story, so I’ll just talk about the film  not the story.


A love story between Jiro and Nahoko? Yes, but the story doesn’t revolve on that. A “work-up” story about Jiro as an engineer? Yes, but it doesn’t revolve on that either.

There are so many different aspects in the film that makes you forget the initial line of the story. I know some might think forgetting the initial line meaning that the film is straying from it’s main story, but no the aspects that makes you “stray” actually builds the story up to way higher levels.


The richness of aspects portrays life as how it is. As much as I want to know “what happens next” while watching this film, all I do is enjoy every each moment of the story. Even sometimes I want to rewind a certain scene over and over again just to get the right feel on it.

As much as I love this film I actually have only watched the Japanese version, for I prefer watching films with their original languages… Even when I don’t understand Japanese, but ofcourse they come with subtitles. The English version though was voiced by the amazing Joseph Gordon-Levitt and beautiful Emily Blunt in which both I really love, so I’m really excited in watching the English version.

Subtly bearded guy says this film is very good to watch.