Genre: Mystery, Sci-fi, Drama

Director: Christopher Nolan

Year: 2014

Rating: 8,6 (imdb)

Hey guys,

So just finished watching Interstellar for the damn fifth time (if not more). And this film just convinced it’s place as my favorite movie of all time.


For people that I’ve met and have watched this film mostly said; “It’s a good film, but it’s hard to follow.”, sometimes I think the “good film” part wasn’t all that honest.

Anyway back to the film, I’ll give two words “Damn awesome”.

Firstly, I don’t think the film was made to be watched once. Hell, I don’t like it that much the first time I watched it. I’d say watching it twice is a necessity. Unless you’re an astrophysicist. Cause damn, it’s loaded with science shit.


This film by Christopher Nolan contains rich detail in astrophysics, family drama, love, and mystery. It is made with such richness that each and every time watch it I always… And I mean always find new details. Even after watching for this fifth time I still believe I might find something new the next time I watch it, which I definitely will do.

Another thing to consider are the feels. There hasn’t been a time where I watch this film without goosebumps, the script’s just that well made. But ofcourse hatsoff to Matthew McConaughey who lead the film with such dedication. Got to give credit to main-supporting actors who I know gave the same amount of dedication such as Michael Cain, Jessica Castain, Matt Damon, McKenzie Foy, and Anne Hathaway…

Such a beauty….


Call me biased, but I’m a big fan of Anne Hathaway. Her gaze just got me like WOW and I really like watching her act. Don’t get me wrong, in an unbiased perception I think she plays her role in this film excellently.

Christopher Nolan done a perfect job in setting the tone, soundeffects, and backdrop music. It’s done perfectly and made you feel as if you’re in outerspace, and feel exactly how the characters feel. I’d say this film is his masterpiece, and thinks imdb should’ve rated it higher.

For those who hasn’t watched (or still thinks this film’s “okay”) you must watch it (again).