Let’s skip the bull and get right to the highlights of today’s trip.

You see that cute little pokemon. Well, sorry to break it to you it is not a pokemon. It is actually a he and is called a Tarsier. The smallest primeate known to man, found only in Southeast Asia. Specifically in this region it’s a subspecies called Horsfield’s Tarsier found only in Indonesia.

Here in Taman Batu Mentas, Belitung Tarsiers are it’s main attraction. These Tarsiers are highly territorial pokemons… I mean animals. You can only find two in every 500 m radius, a male and a female. Well, goodluck finding these 15 cm primates in tall grass…. Uhm, I mean the trees. Luckily they have an approximately 15 x 25 m large enclosure, ofcourse limited to only 2 Tarsiers because of the territorial problems. Tho even inside the enclosure they’re still very hard to find.

Other than the Tarsiers, this place has a nice clear river. Have a quick dip in the cold refreshing water.


I’ll say it bluntly “Complete Foodgasm”. I don’t know what they did to the food here in Belitong Timpo Duluk restaurant but eating it gave me instant orgasm. 

So there’s this menu called Paket Dulang which is a set meal for 2 to 4 people. It’s basically a traditional set of Belitung food, but what hits me the most is their Semur Ayam. Shit, the taste boldness of that thing send shivers through my whole body. 

Last stop Museum Tanjung Pandan. Great historical place, with pretty neat artifacts. What I really like about this place is they have a whole room which tells you the story and findings of the treasure hunter Michael Hatcher. Hell, I never even heard the guy before, but after I visiting this place I realised awesome people comes in many ways.

Oh, and they got their own mini zoo in the back of the museum. But, I’m not impressed with it at all, hell I’m pissed just looking at that place. It may take long so I’ll probably talk about this place in another blog post.

Take break from the adventure and enjoy a nice sunset closeby at Tanjung Pendam Beach.