Been there done that, let me tell you the story and don’t fret

Last day in Belitung and the highlight was Tanjung Tinggi, I might say the most popular vacation site here in Belitung only 45 minutes or less from the center of the city.

Got to admit those are some sick pics. Got to put in quite the effort getting to the location, all worth it.

Enough bull, let’s get to thw review.

So, Belitung a relaxing island with beautiful beaches, nice calm waves, and…. Big ass rocks. Yes, their loaded with these rocks, like I mean every single beach or coast I visit have these rocks. Don’t get me wrong I like them I really do. Especially the ones in Tanjung Tinggi and Batu Berlayar. 

Historical-wise I’m not that impressed. Except for the Dewi Kwan Im Vihara. That place was sick.

Culinary-wise damn it’s great. I might need to make another blog just about Belitung’s culinary. Let me just tell you the restaurants; Belitong Timpo Duluk, Pak Chandra at Kelayang Beach, Guang Zhou, Bakmie Ateb, Kedai Kite, Bukit Berahu. Imagine reviewing all of them in this blog.

For those who doesn’t have relatives in Belitung I’d say renting a car is a must, for public transportation is really hard to comeby.

With 3-4 nights stay you should be able to go to every “places to go” here in Belitung. With enough rest.

That’s all I got to say, all in all I’d say Belitung is worth visiting. A few let downs but overall, good. Thanks for reading enjoy.

Few more pics to lighten up your day.