Hi there, still about Belitung here. So there’s this beach, 30 minutes away from the central city of Tanjung Pandan named Kepayang. This beach is filled with boats and sailors docking ready for hire. With 500 thousand rupiahs you’ll be able to hire one boat and ride as long a you like. The common route is to start from the most popular island Lengkuas.

 That will definitely be the first thing to catch your eye here in Lengkuas. A 70 meters tall lighthouse has been the trademark of this island for a while now. Let me say this quick, It’s damn awesome! With just 5 thousand rupiahs you’ll be able to climb this 18 story tall lighthouse… Yup, gotta work those thighs hun. Once you reach the top you’ll be soothed by the rad view of Lengkuas and it’s neighboring islands.

History flash, Lengkuas Island used to be a place to isolate war prisoners during the Dutch Colonialisation. Alcatraz much?

Just off the shore of Lengkuas you’ll be able to have a quick snorkle on the sea. It’s nice, I mean a swim with the fishes are always nice. It’s got a nice view too, the sea floor is filled with coral reef, tho they lack in color, perhaps they’re dead..? The fishes are alive and well tho, lack of diversity but overall great experience.

Might want to take a quick rest at Kelayang Island where they free drinks, free shower, but unfotunately you must pay for the snacks. They got meals too if you’d like to have some lunch.

On the way back, you might want to take a quick stop at Batu Berlayar which literally translates to “Sailed Rock”. Yes it’s a pile of rock in the middle of the sea that looks like a boat’s sail. Trust me it looks way better than it sounds. Especially for those photomaniacs I mentioned in my earlier blog, this place is damn perfect.

There is actually another island to visit, I wouldn’t call it an island tho. They say if you visit this site between the 3rd and 8th month of the year you’ll get to witness a pile of sand in the middle of the sea. Just the thought of it sets my interest. Like I sad I might be mistaken calling this an island, but think about it Mirage Island that sounds wicked as hell.