To you guys who love peace and quiet Belitung is the place for you. Well, the travel sites are pretty crowded, but it’s way more peaceful than Bali. It’s an island with a population of 200 thousand people, in this time and age I won’t be mistaken calling this place silent hill but without the horror shit ofcourse. Instead you’ll find pleasure.

Kicked it off with Danau  Biru which literally translates to Blue Lake, approximately 20-30 minutes from the central town of Tanjung Pandan. 

Have any of you heard or been to Kawah  Putih in Bandung? Well let’s just call this one a replica, one with less crowd, no smell of sulfur but unfortunately unnatural. Danau Biru was originally a lead mine, a huge one on it too. The mine grew inactive and rain water fill it in. Yes, it may bum some people but it’s beautiful nonetheless. Worth visit, especially for those photomaniacs or whatever they call it.

45 minute ride from Danau Biru

Next is Museum Kata Andrea Hirata, basically a literary museum made and owned by the renowned author Andrea Hirata. For you bookworms I’ll bet most of you have heard of him and his masterpiece Laskar Pelangi or Rainbow Troops. Born and raised here in Belitung Andrea is praised highly, he may also be considered as a local hero. Anyway, entering the museum will cost you 50 thousand rupiah you’ll have access to the whole museum, and a free book! I’d say that’s a pretty fair deal. The museum itself displays quotes, literature works of Andrea himself, and for those who have read Laskar Pelangi this place lets you re-experience what you have read.

Overall it’s interesting. Mostly for you bookworms or literarian, but for common tourists, well, it wouldn’t hurt to visit but you might be able to find a better way to spend your time.

Lastly, Dewi Kwan In Vihara as the name suggests or actually pronounced it’s a Buddhist monastery. It has all it’s chinese cultural antics which is very beautiful, I’m able to witness the sight of tourists having travelling long ways just to experience what it’s like praying in this beautiful vihara. It is located in a hill platform which automatically made it filled with staircases. What’s most amazing here is when you reach the top of the hill you’ll be able to see a 10 meters tall statue of a buddhist monk(I think), which in my opinion is a really beautiful statue, although by the looks of it’s still unfinished work.

All these sites are on one way down the road, which is very convenient and definitely traffic free. So you can definitely enjoy these sites on one single day.